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“Zarlingo’s past leadership role in the Silver Lake neighborhood will serve him well in representing his district; his past engagement on city-wide issues of zoning, the comprehensive plan, wetlands and commercial and residential developments will serve the city as a whole.” -

Everett Herald, 7/25/21

About Ben

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When we moved to Everett in 1991, we immediately joined the Silver Lake Neighborhood Association and have been deeply involved ever since. I believe strongly in public service volunteering countless hours including as an Officer and Director for many years. I've worked on public service projects with United Way and Forterra, both in the neighborhood and elsewhere in Everett.

I’ve engaged with the City Council, Planning Commission, hearing examiners, and the Parks Board many times. I’ve provided input on zoning/comprehensive plan changes, road and wetland projects, commercial and residential developments.


I’ve worked with businesses and developers to help make projects better for neighbors, with local knowledge and community involvement. I've also opposed some projects and planning/zoning changes when they didn't make sense for the neighborhood.

I’m excited to take the next step in public service by bringing my energy, knowledge and demonstrated commitment to Everett and our neighborhoods to our City Council.

I've already been endorsed by several current councilmembers.  They know I have demonstrated the dedication and experience to be an effective representative for district 5 and the city as a whole.  Expect more endorsements soon.


We have a lot of work to do together as a Council and a community, handling rapid growth without tearing up our neighborhoods, and creating good jobs and housing for our new neighbors and our children. We’ll do this against the headwinds of a structural budget deficit, homelessness and addiction.


My priority is to listen and then lead on these critical challenges. I’d be honored to earn your vote.

About Ben
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